downhill downunder for downhill mountain biking, sh*t yeah!

Quite some time ago on a hill in some obscure part of our vast fantastic country a goat was scared shitless by some bloke on a rigid two wheel bicycle who thought it would be pretty neat to see how fast he could ride over a cliff in his thongs and footy shorts. Downhilling was born in Australia..

And there it started … Because then his mate thought he could ride faster and then the original bloke modified his bike and then … you know the rest .

The Australian Downhilling family build the best tracks, we have the best stacks and we use gravity better than anyone – so we deserve the best website … and brothers and sisters here it is … enjoy it between shuttles. Downhill Downunder, the home of downhill mountain biking in Australia.


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  • Gandy's Gully

    Do you have to be a local to find this – maybe? more

  • Goat Farm

    In the early 90’s it actually had goats all over it !! more

  • Illinbah Downhill

    Illinbah has two DH options, which are known as A-line and B-line. more

  • Mt Majura Pines

    Call me old fashioned and yes, there are a lot of x-country riders hanging around but... more

  • YouYangs

    Ok... so I love the name and it is great to put into rhymes and songs. more

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